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Callout for Contributions: Circadial

As part of the closing party for the Bristol Old Vic studio, we've been invited to perform a special one-off remix of our sound work ‘Circadial'. Normally, Circadial see us turning the sounds of a city into music by editing / warping / looping / detuning, in this version we'll be using noises taken exclusively from past Bristol Old Vic studio shows, to make a ghost music from the theatre's lifetime.

This is where we need your help. If you or your company has performed in the studio at any time, we'd love you to send us sounds from your production. This could be any kind of file, as long as it was a sound that was once heard in the BOV studio: a voice-over, a piece of pre-existing pop music used in the show, some original music, audio extracted from a video document, audience applause at the curtain call, etc.

It should just be one file per show, and ideally a maximum of 5 minutes long - it's most likely that only a very short extract will be used in the final 60 minute piece. Your sound could become a bass drum, or part of a melody, or an ambient tone stretched over 10 minutes.

We'll credit everyone who contributes and every show that is referenced, and we'll play as many sounds as we can in the final work. Circadial is completely improvised so some samples might be used more prominently than others. Some might be treated so heavily as to be unrecognisable... but it will be beautiful and ghostly and sometimes cacophonous, and we hope it'll be a fitting send-off for the old place.

To contribute, please email a sound or video file to by 5 pm on Saturday 4th June.

(If the file's particularly hefty, perhaps use and send the link to Tim.)

Finally: please let us know when/what the extract is from, so we can list it in the freesheet alongside the performance. Please clearly tell us: Name of artist/company, Title of the work it comes from, Year of performance.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing your sounds.

Tim & Tanuja


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