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Ferment Fortnight Jan 2016

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Presented by Bristol Old Vic Ferment

2016 marks Ferment's sixth birthday and we have an exciting year ahead kicking off with Ferment Fortnight.

Showcasing work-in-progress pieces from some wonderful South West artists, the Fortnights exist as the first public stage of a creative process and a space to see what ideas look like on their feet.

You are a crucial part of that process; the artists need your thoughts on their work. So come and see a show, grab a drink in our Cellar Pub and tell us what you think.

We hope you enjoy, happy Fortnighting!

Emma Bettridge
Bristol Old Vic Ferment Producer


Wed 20 Jan
Cold | Open Sky
The Gran Show | Viki Browne

Thu 21 Jan
You're Just Too Good To Be True | Toby Smith
I-dentity | Rider Shafique

Fri 22 Jan
Improvisation Masterclass | Neil Haigh
Panrucker's Partytime | Simon Panrucker

Wed 27 Jan
Shaedates | Shaelee Rooke

Thu 28 Jan
Useful Soup for Benevolent Purposes | Miriam Battye
Studio 6 | Neil Haigh, Stewart Wright & Les Bubb

Fri 29 Jan
Castle Builder | Vic Llewellyn and Kid Carpet
Circadial | Sleepdogs

All performances are £5 (plus booking fee)and take place in the Bristol Old Vic Studio unless otherwise indicated.
Age guidance for all performances 12+.

Take A Punt

See 5 shows for the price of 4
(£20 instead of £25)

At Ferment Fortnight we like to invite you to Take A Punt. It's all about stepping just a little bit outside of your comfort zone and trying something new or unexpected. With this offer you can discover something entirely new and unexpected, without breaking the bank.

Go on, we have a packed Fortnight full of variety. You never know what you might find...



Open Sky
Wed 20 Jan | 6.30pm

Falda lives alone in the great Iskald forest. Ulf the woodcutter's only friend is his axe. Their primal meeting leaves Falda with child. When the child dies the fairytale takes a darker turn. Snow falls, grief veers into madness and a terrifying beast roams the forest.

Cold is a fairytale for the frozen hearted, told with physical theatre, puppetry, music and a few words.

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The Gran Show

Viki Browne
Wed 20 Jan | 8.15pm

My Gran died in December 2014. I'm making a show about it.

It's a eulogy. It is a tribute. It is the beginning of a performance about finding meaning in the death of loved ones. It's about funerals and ice cream. Cigarettes and dreams. Cabbages and cancer. Sunbathing and The Archers. Life, death and saying goodbye. (Probably).

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You're Just Too Good To Be True

Toby Smith
Thu 21 Jan | 6.30pm

My timeline:
1990 - 2001: Childhood.
2001 - 2014: Got fat. Then got thin... then.... then fat again, then... thin again, then really fat.
2014: Lost ten stone.
2015: Kept it off.
2016 - ??: Better not be f**king single. And better not still be living with mum.

Come and help Toby talk about his varying waistline. It'll be funny.

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Rider Shafique
Thu 21 Jan | 8.15pm

I-dentity.... When I was 5 my mum told me I was black.

I-dentity is a new piece of spoken word written and performed by Rider Shafique, directed by Nik Partridge and produced by Strike A Light Festival.

Rider Shafique is a Gloucester born dual heritage, spoken work artist who collaborates with musicians and performs internationally. In I-Dentity he explores questions around race and identity informed by his personal experiences of growing up in Gloucester. It reflects shared insecurities surrounding identity, feelings of powerlessness and exclusion amongst the black community. This is Rider's first piece of spoken word for a theatre context.

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Improvisation Masterclass

Long form story-telling
Neil Haigh | Cartoon de Salvo
Fri 22 Jan | 10am-4pm

Ever wondered if you could perform stories that seem to appear as if by magic - working in a team to create a full length play - with complex characters, emotional journeys & a fully realised world - without a single word or character scripted in advance?

Learn how during full day storytelling improvisation masterclass from award-winning Cartoon de Salvo Theatre company member Neil Haigh.

The masterclass will cover:

  • "unlocking" your imagination - removing the censor
  • Originality vs obviousness
  • How to effectively build scenes together
  • What makes a story a story?

This exciting workshop is ideally suited for people who love stories (and we all do!). There will be games and exercises aplenty, but we will be moving on to gentler story-based improvising as the primary purpose of the day. There is no requirement to be "wacky" or "funny".

Newcomers welcome - but geared towards those with performing experience, professional actors, writers, directors etc.

On sale 10am Mon 11 Jan

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Panrucker's Partytime

Simon Panrucker
Fri 22 Jan | 8.15pm

What makes a party? Comedian and musician Simon Panrucker dissects and investigates all the elements of a successful party using original songs, videos, improvisation and partying in order to build the most bodacious party that has ever been partied by anyone.

Party! And, check it out, that party will happen at the end of the show, GUARANTEED!

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Shaelee Rooke
Wed 27 Jan | 6.30pm

Shae has a boyfriend but she knows he's not the one. It's not until she notices someone else -  someone different, someone who's always been there - that she's brave enough to make a change.

A tender and gently surreal comedy about a woman who finds true love by dating herself.

Written and performed by Shaelee Rooke. Directed by Toby Hulse.


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Useful Soup for Benevolent Purposes

Miriam Battye
Thu 28 Jan | 6.30pm

The kid's put himself in his box again. But Holly's his saviour. With her Sociology Masters and her parents' stipend she's got the task of bringing up her departed sister's problem child.

They're not good at this yet, they're not functioning. It's a battle of wits between a 12 year old and his incidental guardian.

A new duologue about being a child and becoming a parent. About the methodology in loving and the magic in forgiving.

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Studio 6

Neil Haigh, Stewart Wright & Les Bubb
Thu 28 Jan | 8.15pm

A writer, an actor and a mime artist...this is not a joke. A playful, vicious comedy - part "Waiting for Godot" and part Vaudevillian homage - you (anyone) is invited to see the very early stages of WHAT WE'VE GOT SO FAR... NB: STUDIO 6. That's the title. Not where it is. Bristol Old Vic doesn't have a Studio 6. But we're trapped in the building somewhere. Please come and find us. Please.

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Castle Builder

Vic Llewellyn and Kid Carpet
Fri 29 Jan | 6.30pm

The Castle Builder is a collaboration between actor Vic Llewellyn and lo-fi music legend Kid Carpet.

It tells the tale of an inmate in a psychiatric institute, who for five years secretly builds a delirious structure deep in a remote forest in Norway. With music, dancing and sculptures made of chewed bread they explore the outer limits of the creative act.


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Fri 29 Jan | 8.15pm

The sounds of Bristol's streets, wildlife, nightlife, vehicles, venues, homes, musicians and offices are looped, sieved, filtered, warped and stretched to make new, beautiful and perturbing music.

An audio installation for the end of the day - the audience are free to come and go, take time, listen... come and say hello, we'll tell you what we're playing.

Sleepdogs are Tanuja Amarasuriya and Timothy X Atack.


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Jerwood Charitable Foundation generously support specific elements of Bristol Old Vic Ferment activity, namely, production and research and development commissions ("A Jerwood Charitable Foundation/Bristol Old Vic Ferment Commission"); artistic retreats ("Jerwood Charitable Foundation/Bristol Old Vic Ferment Retreats"); and a new programme for 2015/16, producer bursaries ("Jerwood Charitable Foundation/Bristol Old Vic Ferment Producer Bursaries").

Ferment Fortnight

20-29 Jan
(plus booking fee)

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