Leverhulme Arts Scholarships

Bristol Old Vic Ferment is seeking talented artists and theatre makers from the South West who are interested in developing their skills and examining their own professional practice. The next Leverhulme Arts Scholarships will support artists from Jan 2018.

Applications now open, deadline Wed 20 December 2017.

Successful candidates will be exposed to some of the best theatre in the world, receive training from expert practitioners, and be supported and mentored to develop their own work.

Aims of The Leverhulme Arts Scholarship Scheme:

  • Provide a catalyst for the creation of inspirational performance
  • Offer space and time for experimentation and for ideas to flourish
  • Provide support to emerging and established theatre practitioners and artists
  • Encourage collaborative working

Bristol Old Vic Ferment hope to achieve this by:

  • Providing bespoke training
  • Funding access to creative, human resources as required
  • Providing access to try-out audiences
  • Providing access to space
  • Encouraging networking and co-mentoring between Scholars
  • Appointing key personnel from national venues as mentors and potential co-producers
  • Signposting work so that production and presentation is made possible

The funding available enables each scholar to access up to £5000 of bursary funding to cover: travel, accommodation, writing and development time, human resources and training.


Who Can Apply

Ferment encourages applications from creative young people as well as established artists.

Applicants may include:

  • Independent writers wishing to develop an idea
  • Devisers attached to a company wishing to develop their skills
  • A representative of a company or a collective of artists (funding applicable for one person)


To qualify as a Leverhulme Arts Scholar you must be prepared to:

  • Refer to yourself in this context as a Leverhulme Arts Scholar attached to Bristol Old Vic Ferment
  • Attend bespoke training in 2018 (dates to be discussed with Ferment Producer)
  • Attend as much theatre work as possible as discussed with the Ferment Producer


How to apply

Ferment invites individuals interested in becoming a Leverhulme Arts Scholar in 2018 to submit a timeline for how a year with the support of Bristol Old Vic Ferment might look. Focus on areas you're interested in developing, and what you would like to work on over that year. 


Please include the following information:

  • Name of person applying
  • A short biography of applicant
  • A timeline of how the year might look
  • We invite you to nominate an industry expert as your mentor.
  • Things to consider are your existing skill set, is there someone who could potentially become a co-producer, or a producer who you have an existing partnership with? Would you like to nominate a mentor from a company whose work you highly aspire to?
    Please include an email address and a telephone number of your key contact.


Please return your submission to emma.bettridge@bristololdvic.org.uk with the subject heading 'Leverhulme Arts Scholarship'.

Applications now open, deadline Wed 20 December 2017.

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