What do sessions involve?

Year 1 - Year 6

Did you ever build a den? Find a treasure map? Go on an adventure? Tell everyone the best story ever?

These sessions are designed to stimulate the imagination and engage the body and mind in creative play. We play lots of games, develop key skills in working together as a team and as an individual and have lots of fun. We use our bodies and voices to learn how to tell stories to each other. The emphasis is not on performance at this age but simply allowing them to be creative and breed theatrical curiosity in a safe and fun environment.

Year 7 and upwards

These sessions are an opportunity for you to meet with other performers/actors/theatre makers your own age and to work with the professional team at the Bristol Old Vic. Whether you're at Uni, in employment, doing A-levels or at school these sessions will give you the chance to delve deeper into the world of the performer.

Your sessions will be fun but the training will be challenging. Many aspects of performing will be covered including Acting techniques, devising, improvisation, physical performance, voice, character work, visual theatre, and script training. You will be taught by the professional directors, actors and theatre makers and there is always the chance to perform on the professional stage in an exciting show created through collaboration.

For more information on sessions or for a more term specific definition for each age group please email getinvolved@bristololdvic.org.uk call 0117 317 8670